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Developing metaverse
experiences you’ll love.



Magic with Black Lion.

We believe our metaverse is a magical place to build friendships and forge relationships.

All on a scalable blockchain protocol. Black Lion ecosystem is creating next generation metaverse retail experiences. 

Friends First.

We believe the blockchain should be invisible without compromising privacy. Sharing with friends, regardless of blockchain experience, must be seamless.


Owned by

You truly own what you acquired in our metaverse. If you bought a bag of coffee from the Black Lion Club, it is yours. Your items and any inherited status is a verifiable asset on the blockchain you can trade to another person or shipped in full.

Community Rules.

We don’t develop experiences in a vacuum, we constantly engage and test assumptions with our Discord community. We build alongside a vocal community whose input shapes the direction each experience’s design takes.


Powered by
The People

Everything within the Black Lion ecosystem depends on the community-owned Black Lion Club. The Black Lion Club are Black Lion community leaders. 

Follow our Twitter for Black Lion Club Whitelist updates!

Founder driven 

I believe the metaverse is the next phase of the internet. Ownership is going to be trustless. Coffee and shopping and everything that has a digital life is going to be touched by this. Anything that you thought was digital that you thought you owned but didn’t really own — that’s what’s about to change forever.

Hansel Ang
Executive Director and Founder,
Black Lion Cafe Pte Ltd


Executive Director Hansel is the founder and owner of Facebook’s largest coffee buyers club at over two thousand members that sell wholesale coffee and related products.

Executive Director Hansel Ang at a demonstration booth
Executive Director Hansel Ang at a demonstration booth